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91.Will CCE be implemented only in Classes IX and X? Or in other classes also.

In all the classes upto Secondary Stage. The detailed guidelines for classes VI-VIII will be made available to all the schools shortly.

92.Will Class X CCE cards be available from the Board? Will the same grading system be followed for classes VI-VIII also?

Yes, Class-X CCE Cards will be sent to schools by the Board. Grading in classes VI-VIII will be slightly different. The details have been finalized and will be made available to all the schools shortly.

93.What system of CCE will be followed for classes I to VIII?

The scheme for comprehensive evaluation of students in classes I-V was developed earlier and was made available to schools. The same will continue to be followed. The new scheme of CCE for classes
VI-VIII has been developed and will be made available to all schools shortly.

94.Are the examinations made optional or totally cancelled due to introduction of CCE scheme in classes IX-X or even lower classes?

Introduction of CCE in classes IX-X does not mean cancellation of examinations. Instead, the schoolbased examinations will be held at regular and periodic intervals. You may refer to details about the same in circular No.39 and 40 which are alsoavailable on CBSE website
Similarly, in lower classes, Schoolbased examinations will be conducted at periodic intervals. The new scheme for lower classes will be made available to schools very soon

95.Sir, I want to bring to your notice that thegrading system can affect the future of children since majority of them will stop studying due to absence of fear of Board examinations. I request you not to introduce grading system.

Better learning takes place under friendly and supportive conditions. Students should study and learn due to love for learning and not because of fear of examinations. Remember that only those students perform exceptionally well in life who have liking for studies and self-learning. Moreover, getting higher grades in scholastic areas also demands scoring higher marks. Schools as well as parents need to make it clear to students that indepth understanding of concepts in lower classes will help them perform better at later stage.

96.Sir, the students are given the impression that with the introduction of grading system, no one is going of fail. Thus the standard of education will be eroded. Too much laxity in promotion rules will
lower the levels of learning. Please clarify.

Introduction of the new scheme does not mean that the students will not be required to study. Rather they will be required to study throughout the year. Every student will be required to get a
suitable grade alongwith achievement in co-scholastic areas for promotion to next class. The Promotion rules under the new scheme are in the process of being finalized and will be made available to schools shortly.

97.What will be the parameters for formative assessment?

Formative assessment means assessment of students during teaching-learning processes. (Developmental stage) It should focus on identifying areas of learning difficulty of students and providing remedial interventions resulting in enhancement in their learning. Moreover, FA should not be confined to only paper-pencil tests but should include use of other tools and techniques such as project work, assignments, practical work etc. You may refer to circular No.42 on CBSE website for more details.

98.How many examinations should be conducted during one term for class IX? What is the marks distribution for each examination? How toassess the students in practical work?

There will be two formative assessments and one summative assessment during each team. Every
Formative Assessment will have a weightage of 10% whereas Summative Assessment I andSummative Assessment II will have a weight age of 20% card 40% respectively. For assessment in practical and activity work, please refer to circular No.42.

99.I am a student of class IX. How many examinations shall we have in class IX and what will be the total marks for every examination?

In a term having a duration of six months, there will be two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment. During the one term, you will be assessed on the basis of unit tests, project work, assignments and practical work (Formative assessment). At the end of each term, you will be assessed on the basis of written test. Overall grades will be given based on your performance in the entire term. You may refer to circular No.42 on CBSE website for more details.

100.What is the duration of Paper-pencil tests for formative and summative assessments in class-IX?

The duration of written examination in formative assessment will depend upon the content coverage and may vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. The duration of Summative assessment in every subject will be about 3-3.5 hours. The sample question papers for Class IX March Examination (Summative Assessment) in all subjects are available on CBSE website.

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