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31.Can the school make proficiency test compulsory for all the students? Do they need to pay extra for that?

It is advised that the parents should be made aware of having full faith in the quality and standard in school based assessment. There is no need of school making the proficiency test compulsory for the students.

32.The beauty of formative assessment is that it creates a scope for the learner to improve- that
is basically the point of change?

It is a good observation. Formative Assessment is also meant for identifying areas of learning difficulty of students, providing remedial interventions resulting in the improvement in learning

33.How to bridge the gap between school and Board pattern of marking of answer sheets?

The marking of answer sheets in Board examination is done in a systematic manner using a well design marking scheme which indicates the allocation of marks fordifferent value points in an answer. In case of all summative assessments at school level, the marking scheme will be provided by the Board.

34.Attitude towards teachers- the descriptive indicator of assessment for attitudes stating the
desired behaviour of the student as ‘most of the time’ ? will that encourage psychofancy
or genuine obedience?

Interpersonal relationships and behaviour of a person is an important soft skill which needs to be developed in the students during formative years. A very purpose of keeping the assessment of attitudes and values in the scheme of CCE is to help the students have an integrated and balanced personality. It is desired on the part of school to inculcate a genuine self discipline in the students by creating congenial conditions and conducive environment for the same

35.Uniform absolute grading for all the subjects does not take care of inter –disciplinary differences, for example – Mathematics and Languages etc.

It is easier to understand by all stakeholders

36.What if a child falls sick during summative examination? Will he or she be tested again?

Yes, it is mandatory for the students to appear in the summative examination. However, the timings and procedure for re-assessment may be decided at school level.

37.Does summative assessment II include the syllabus for thewhole year?

No, the syllabus for summative assessment II include only those topics which have been taught duringthe term II i.e. the topics taught after summative assessment I.

38.Teachers are generally observed to favour students who perform better in academics. Wil it not result in such students getting better grade in co-scholastic areas also without having similar
proficiency in the same.

Teachers will be required to mention descriptive indicators and give justification for having given a specific grade to any student. The tools and techniques for assessment in coscholastic areas require team assessment instead of individual teacher assessing a student. This will minimize the subjectivity. The Board is also organizing training programme for teachers to discuss all related

39.Will the marking of answer sheets at school level be as objective and impartial as in Board’s examination?

Your own school teachers have been marking the answer sheets of different examinations throughout your stay in the school. Why to doubt in their ability or integrity in marking of answer sheets in classes IX and X? In case of any doubt, you may ask the school authorities to show the answer sheets and its marking. In fact, it is an additional advantage in school based assessment.

40.When class X examinations going to be school based under CBSE pattern, will my performance or
certificate be consider at par with certificate or marks issued by any other Board in the country?

Every school is required to generate a question paper using questions made available by CBSE through a question bank in every subject. The quality and standard of academic level of these assessment tools gets automatically taken care of. Moreover, the certificate issued by the schoolwill be properly authenticated by the Board. Thus , there no reason why the marks or certificate issued by the school will not be considered comparable to similar document issued by any other Board.

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